Fall Mix…

DSCN8936 DSCN8938 DSCN8940 DSCN8942

This embellished collar is attached to a sleeveless blouse that I almost never wear.  However, when the cooler temps hit – it is just perfect for dressing up a basic sweater.

Sigggh – fall is the best.


Forever 21 blouse and flats // Ann Taylor Loft skirt // H&M Sweater // Coach bag

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18 thoughts on “Fall Mix…

      • Ok, so obviously I’m not doing a fashion blog. Can I ask then a stupid question? How do you afford all the new clothes?

        I assume you’re the subject of the pics. Ok, I told you it was a stupid question. But I’ve been wondering, and since I don’t know, I thought I’d ask.

      • Hi there – I am the person who is in all the pictures. I take them myself with a point-and-shoot camera and a tripod. Most of my clothes are relatively inexpensive and from places like Target, Forever 21 and H&M (or the thrift store). Also, most of the items I show are not new – but have been in my closet for years. When looking at other bloggers with larger budgets and more designer pieces, I get total closet envy…but I also get inspiration! I try to mix things up so my outfits seem new.
        I do also tend to showcase when I buy a new piece – but that’s usually because I’m so excited about it. The shoes in this post are $22! A total steal for flats that I will wear to shreds. Hope that helps! :)

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