Outfit Equations…

Maybe it’s my statistical background, but I’m always looking for a way to reduce my outfits into a foolproof formula.  Even when on pinterest or checking out other blogs, I’m looking for patterns that when used correctly make dressing super easy, but allow for a multitude of variations.   For me, the variable with the most weight in all of my equations is a great basic.

Some common Outfit Equations I find myself using:

Work = cropped trousers + pumps + blouse + blazer + big bag

Outfit Equations work

(1) The purple suit speaks for itself. (2) Lux pattern mixing makes this outfit interesting and feel like ME. (3) Red and polka dots is always a fool-proof choice

Weekend = jeans + flats + tee + cross-body + fun outerwear

Outfit equations weekend

(1) Whenever I pair stripes with pops of red, I feel very French.  (2)  Adding some sparkles to ripped up jeans makes me feel like a girly tomboy. (3)  Topping any outfit with this hat makes me feel more sophisticated (and helps cover bad hair – win-win).

Nights out = dress + jacket + bootie + clutch

Outfit Equations out

(1) That dress. ‘nough said. (2) Totally rocker-chic. (3)  Lots of leopard but still subdued.

You might say that these equations sound like pieces to normal outfits that everyone wears – and you’d be right!  They are my blue-print when I need some guidance.  The trick is to use interesting combinations to mix up your basics AND add in a statement wow-factor.  This can be an extra accessory, or it can simply be the cool-combination you chose.

To me, organizing outfits this way (even if it’s only in my mind) helps me to get dressed even when in a crunch (or staring at a too-full closet thinking ‘UGH I have nothing to wear’).  The trick is stocking my wardrobe with individual pieces that I LOVE and can combine with multiple other items in my closet (quality over quantity).  Once I started looking at dressing in this way, my shopping became less haphazard and I get much more wear out of the things I already own.

What do you ladies think?  Do you use your own outfit equations?


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35 thoughts on “Outfit Equations…

  1. OMG u totally just described my new go to work outfit formula… but I only have one pair of trousers so my goal is to try and find some more. But lately I’ve been mixing blazers, trousers and pencil skirts with heels or flats for a professional yet flattering work look :-)

    • J Crew’s cropped trousers are the best – but can be expensive so I try and score them on sale. I have a red pair and that purple pair (and haven’t paid more than $35 for each)! I looooove pencil skirts for work too – especially with pointy toe flats. I also think adding a blazer to any outfit makes it ‘work appropriate’ ;)

  2. Okay I love the idea of breaking outfits down into formulas. How genius! It makes total sense that you would get more use out of clothes already in your closet. Thanks for sharing, I really want to try this out!
    And ps- THAT PURPLE SUIT!! I must have missed that post, because I am drooling over it!

    • Haha thank you!! I got the idea because I hung them in my closet and they happened to be next to each other…and almost the same shade of purple! The blazer is from Zara and the pants from J Crew. I’m glad you like it! :)

  3. I love your equations and totally agree – they are the easiest way to rotate outfits without getting overwhelmed. I absolutely love your work outfit equation and have been on the lookout for some basic pieces (pants, blazers, and blouses) that I can throw into my equations :) xo

    • Thank you!!! For me, the hardest part is finding pants that I like, feel comfortable in, and are the right length (curse you short legs!). Once I have those down, the rest of my work equations are easy – I could shop for pretty blouses all day long. ;)

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