Must-Have Jackets…

moto jacket  fur vest jean jacketcamp jacket black blazer trench coat

These six jackets work overtime in my closet, especially now that it’s getting cooler.  They are all great basics that can be worn multiple ways (dressed up, dressed down, with other trendy pieces, etc.).  If you keep your eyes open, they also are available at many price points (both splurge and save).

What jackets can’t you get enough of?


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7 thoughts on “Must-Have Jackets…

    • It’s so hard to find the perfect basics! Are you looking to invest in your jacket or snag a cute one for a really cheap price? If the cheaper end – I would check out Forever 21. They have some jackets that LOOK really expensive (but are def not). The moto jacket that I wear is from high school and has a shrunken apperance – I honestly don’t even zip it because it won’t zip! lol

      • Haha…I have a few of those jackets (that I don’t zip). I probably would spend decent money on one since I’m hoping to keep it for a long time. We’ll see how the search goes.

  1. I am looking for a cobalt blue blazer for a good price and for whatever reason, it hasn’t been easy. I also have a white blazer, a black blazer, and a denim jacket that I love.

    • For a cobalt blazer, have you tried Zara or H&M? Asos has some good blazers too, although I haven’t bought one from them. I looooove the idea of cobalt for Fall!

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